Counseling in English

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I am a KOKOROYA Reset Counseling Master,

which means

I give counseling sessions to find out

what causes your difficult situation,


what prevent you from enjoying your life.

Kokoroya Counseling style is very very "Japanese", I say.

However, I believe this counseling session is very helpful

for people from other countries.

My English skill is, good enough to have sessions.

I spent 3 years in Canada, and a year in England.

I have Master degree in England,

and I have been worked as an interpreter

in the field of Aura-soma Colour Therapy

and channeling sessions with Terry who channels Ashtar.

If you are interested in my counseling session in English,

please contact me.


心屋塾オープンカウンセリング(Kokoroyajuku Open Counseling )in English
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